What is FORMA’s Smart Map Studio?

What is FORMA’s Smart Map Studio?

Over the generations of the advancement in technology for real estate and design mapping, FORMA has strived to be at the forefront with strategic alliances with software and hardware innovators.

We have physically tested, experimented, loaned, designed, and beta tested all sorts of solutions. Real estate value is all about information that is current, up to date, understandable, and accessible. We have proven many times that a database and mapping file that “grows” with a real estate asset will markedly add value to the asset.

We have continually refined the technology of data and spreadsheets adjusting with map changes, and vice versa. We have perfected a program of operating systems that combine into a project manager’s “module.”    The typical module allows secure access to statistics, schedules, quantities, contact lists, government links, entitlement documents, photogrammetry, web-based software, etcetera. The latest modules include automatic updates from team data and the ability to see and think in “3D.”

But the real skill in FORMA’s Smart Map Studio is the accuracy and reliability of data. Precise measuring software built into GIS (Geographic Information Systems) has been a core feature of FORMA’s work for thirty years.

Historically, it was surprising that if anyone produced a computer generated map it was immediately accepted as the “truth.” Now it is much more important to present the “truth” in a finer grain and in a transparent, higher resolution of detail and data.