Planning + Landscape Architecture = Community Design

Planning + Landscape Architecture = Community Design

Tracy Hills is a master-planned community designed by FORMA from the early planning stages through construction administration.This project offers its residents an environment where pedestrian circulation, recreational activity, and social interaction is encouraged.

The residential neighborhoods within Tracy Hills focus on these aspects by providing generous landscaped setbacks, street-oriented residences, widened pathways and trails, public gathering spaces, and multiple community parks with an assortment of recreational activities. The main collector streets are directed in a way to encourage pedestrian access to important community features.

Recognizing the link between exercise and human health, FORMA’s intention to create opportunities for residents to engage with the outdoors drove many planning decisions early on within the project. The Spine Road has matching community-spanning promenades which connect multiple parks and entries.

Ten-foot wide multiuse trails weave throughout phase 1A for over two miles, linking all of the villages. A 16.5′ wide decomposed granite trail bisects the first phase, providing even more options for exercise, experiencing native wildflower displays, and bird-watching. Streets are calmed to enhance neighborhoods and the pedestrian experience.

Wayfinding is improved with focal parks and complementary roundabouts. A hierarchy of community signage that reinforces the community theme provides a system for navigation and identification of community development.

The current Specific Plan Amendment includes a mixture of 5,500 residential units, 1.6 million square feet of mixed use business park, 100 acres of neighborhood-serving commercial uses, 350 acres of industrial uses, schools, parks, and open space within the 2,700 acre Specific Plan Area.

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