Project Performance – Prove Your Project’s Worth

Project Performance – Prove Your Project’s Worth

You may believe your real estate project is better than normal but to get fully entitled in this day and age – you need to prove it.

Entitlements are difficult to justify for many reasons. But the most challenging argument is the impact a new project has to existing neighborhoods, infrastructure, greenhouse gasses, traffic, and energy conservation. FORMA and a team of scientists have responded to project controversy with easily understood metrics that strongly suggest the performance of a proposed project relative to the issues.

Doing business as normal is rarely accepted by any jurisdiction. Expectations are high, and jurisdictions are more educated on what could be accomplished, and the inevitable question of “ why do we need this?” Growth can be proven to be healthy but the quality of that growth is at issue. There is no doubt that the entitlement of most projects is based on at least 50% perception. Good design is the source of attractive perception. Beyond artful design, thoughtful attention to economic and design details that perform in the short and long term will give the most results. Objectives of reducing vehicle trips traveled, energy and water consumption, construction waste, traffic, and impacts to existing recreation facilities are the most valued considerations.

The measurement of financial impacts is important but commonly understood to be a requirement. Measuring the metrics of good design is a newer science and not often expected. The most attractive performance level of any project is to be “net positive”; solving more problems than you are creating. It is not easy to be net positive but easier than most project proponents believe. Attributes such as self-containment, green design principles, short cuts for walkable activities, mixed use greenways, extraordinary recreation, and good environmental governance are examples of how to improve your design. FORMA invites your inquiries on good planning and design. We look forward to allowing our team to prove your project’s worth.

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