To maximize the enjoyment of recreation facilities a full deployment of special effects that satisfies all the senses is necessary. FORMA's inspired designers have delivered progressive and exciting recreation venues all over the world. The ability to create "magic moments" in parks, resorts, communities, golf courses, and entertainment centers has given FORMA a reputation of innovation and practicality.

Golf course architects have collaborated with FORMA landscape architects to add an extra level of enjoyment and aesthetic excellence to course design by featuring natural and manmade landscape elements as focal features for the player and visitor. Special effects of rock and waterscape, tapestries of ornamental plant materials, and functioning habitat zones are all signatures of FORMA.

Our services include park programming, park design, shoreline design, regional parks, operational and management studies, equestrian facilities, amusement parks, entertainment venues, urban design and streetscapes, greenbelt design, and maintenance procedures.
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