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A function of teamwork and the application of technology

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Community Planning 

Community Planning

FORMA has developed and processed numerous regulatory documents at local, State, and Federal levels that emphasize comprehensive site design, implementation programs and sustainable development.

  • Specific Plans
  • Development Regulations
  • Redevelopment strategies
  • Master Planning
  • Site design
  • Local coastal programs


Landscape Architecture 

Landscape Architecture

FORMA is a leader in landscape design and provides construction management services to local agencies
to ensure timely and cost effective implementation of design projects.

  • Park and recreation design
  • Construction drawings
  • Cost estimating
  • Streetscape design
  • Design Guidelines
  • Gateway monumentation design


Contract Services

FORMA has assisted both new and established cities
with their short term and long term staffing needs.

  • Development application review
  • Community meeting materials and management
  • Public hearing reports and presentations
  • Plan checking
  • Landscape Architecture



Environmental Review

FORMA has broad experience in both design and
implementation of projects with environmental
components that emphasize conservation,
compatibility, and quantifiable habitat

  • Mitigation monitoring
  • State and Federal permitting
  • Ecotonal buffer design
  • Habitat management and restoration



Visual Simulations

Utilizing CADD, GIS, 3D Modeling and video,
FORMA Systems provides a clear and concise
before and after scenario with the accuracy
and detail necessary to convey project
benefits to the general public and decision

  • Proposed design analysis
  • 3D computer fly-thru' modeling
  • Photo retouch services
  • Multi-media presentation materials
  • Websites


GIS and Digital Technologies

FORMA Systems include the most current
technology to develop base planning graphics
from digital sources to ensure accurate
information required to reach reliable and concise
land use decisions.

  • GIS system implementation
  • GIS application development
  • GIS mapping and analysis
  • Digital illustration
  • CADD graphics


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