New Products from FORMA Systems

The LAND Suite of products consists of 4 sequential applications; the LAND Viewer, the LAND Planner, the Land Developer, and the LAND Analyst. These applications are a multi-tiered document/data management tooled for the Planning professional.

landviewer.gif The LAND Viewer (View PDF) is the first tier of the four customizable applications developed by FORMA Systems. It is a scalable application built upon ESRI software. This product creates a simple way for users to display, view, and print GIS data. The Viewer has an easy-to-use interface that catalogs and organizes all the data available. The LAND Viewer contains a variety of wizards to help symbolize planning data sets. The Planning Professional will no longer have to depend on experienced GIS staff for map production or simple analysis. With the LAND Viewer a new user will seem like they have the knowledge that years of experience gives them.

 landplanner.gif The LAND Planner (View PDF) is the second tier of the applications. This product has all the enhancements the LAND Viewer has plus much more. The Planner contains tools that have been specifically developed by FORMA to help analyze planning information. Our years of planning experience have helped us develop these key tools that planners often require. For Example: How many schools are needed in this Land-Use designation of Low-Medium Residential, if Low-Medium Residential equals 15 units per acre. Additional enhancements include an extensive document/data relationship link. Within the Planner you can instantly access documents, entitlements, and financial reports that relate to the specified spatial feature.

 landanalyst.gif The LAND Analyst (View PDF) is the last tier of the LAND Suite of applications. This application contains all the tools that are incorporated into the LAND Planner, but also has additional enhancements. The additional enhancements are the incorporation of ESRI's Spatial and 3D Analyst. The LAND Analyst grants the user the ability to visualize their data in a 3D view. The LAND Analyst also contains many other tools that will help the planning professional analyze slope in relation to their project. Elevation and Visibility analysis will also be available within the LAND Analyst.


The LAND Developer (View PDF) software bundle is a GIS application specifically designed to assist professionals in development planning. The LAND Developer is a high-level application in the LAND Suite of software that includes, in order of intuitive power, LAND Viewer, LAND Analyst, LAND Planner, and LAND Developer.


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